Lim Thye Kiang (Transport) Sdn Bhd

provides logistics services all over Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand.

We’re specialized in land transportation especially in the Northern region, which provide land transportation, distribution and logistics services to our valued customers with quality land equipment complemented by strategically located supported facilities at Kuala Kedah and Pulau Langkawi.

Our vehicles and equipment are well-maintained and reliable in all aspects of its operations thus has enabled to stake its position as a leader of land transportation in the northern region.

We also specialized in transferring Duty Free cargo’s (Customs – K8). 

Langkawi Shipping
Langkawi Shipping

We have 70 fleets in total in several truck categories as listed down below:

1 Tonner Truck

3 Ton Bonded Truck

3 Tonner Truck - Open Cargo

8 Tonner Truck - 6 Tyres (Bonded)

8 Tonner Truck - 6 Tyres (Open Cargo)

15 Tonner Truck - 10 Tyres (Open Cargo)

40'ft Open Cargo Trailer

40'ft Curtain Sider

Low Loader

40 ft Container with Prime Mover


LTKT provides crane services within Langkawi Island. We provide crane services ranging accordingly :

Langkawi Shipping
Langkawi Shipping

Land Transportation

Our team is flexible, creative and efficient to ensure that we exceed our customers expectation every time.

LTKT MOTTO is based on the Law of Economic which comprise of 3 components that is :

Our FOCUS Is based on the following principles :

Providing You a Reliable Solution on Your Logistic

When LTKT being chosen to manage your supply chain, you’re not only just getting a business partner but also getting an extension of your company. Our dedicated team of experienced associates will work within your business to provide freight management services that blend seamlessly into your daily business processes.

We have a good reputation on the following fields :

Langkawi Shipping

Transportation Network Management

Langkawi Shipping

Supplier Management

Langkawi Shipping

Logistics Consulting

Distribution Networks have become a key focus for service oriented shippers. Our well experienced team can design and optimize your logistics network to handle :

1)    Changing Demand
2)    Acquisition Distribution Redundancy
3)    Service Level Rationalization
4)    Logistic Cost Pressures

Need Help with Easier Logistics Solutions? We Are Experts!