Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding industry is becoming highly competitive whereby it means that companies are finding ways to streamline their services to attract and maintain the business of exporter. As a professional freight forwarder, we will make sure all the goods is well packaged before putting them in containers.

All merchandises are packaged to avoid any risk of damage during shipment. Upon arrival at the destination, we will ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination chosen by the sender.

We offer several ways of freight forwarding :

Our current major clients include:

1.  Lafarge Cement Sdn Bhd (Langkawi Plant)

2.  Coca-Cola Malaysia Sdn Bhd

3.  Nestle Malaysia Berhad

4.  Permanis Sdn Bhd


We are committed to provide the most advanced and efficient services to our customers. We provide quality freight services and remain committed to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. 

Langkawi Shipping Frieght

Customs Forwarding & Declaration

Damapadu Enterprise was formed as a custom forwarding agency for Wantas Shipping (Langkawi) Sdn Bhd whom responsible in preparation of cargo documentation and declaration with the Malaysian Royal Custom Department.

Our well-trained forwarding agent will prepare all necessary documents before the cargo arrives in port. Proper preparation of customs declaration form is highly essential. Particular attention must be paid to the complete description of the packages, numbers, marking, packing and weight of the packages, the unit value and the total value, and the tariff clarification of the goods.

As a result, riding on the advantage of correlation between forwarding and transportation department, our company can therefore easily coordinate the document and make delivery to respective customers promptly without delay.

Langkawi Shipping
Langkawi Shipping

Marine / Cargo Insurance

The Marine Cargo policy indemnifies the Insured as per Institute Cargo Clause (ICC).

Transportation is a big business. Every day, countless transactions are being made dealing with the delivery of goods for overseas trade; transactions that are vital to the livelihood of the parties involved.

As a result, the potential for goods being lost or damaged is relatively high and, the financial losses suffered are huge.

Marine cargo insurance is vital in international trade as it provides protection in connection with the transportation involved.

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